Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel

Italian headquarters, Milan


The brief is ‘An office that doesn’t look like an office’
The design concept is to create a workspace that is an inspiring place to be: cool, stylish, highly functional, and also a memorable ‘destination’ that becomes a conversation piece for visitors.

The reception is a ‘living’ type space which gives the impression of entering an apartment rather than an office: the desk is a long dining room table, close to a waiting/seating area with sofa, rugs and wallpaper.

The reception is linked with the office space through a corridor that like a fashion show catwalk leads the eye between focal points;
the general office, focused on project based work, avoids a traditional ‘corporate’ image;
lightly subdivided by living screens of plants, it shows no significant hierarchy;
meeting rooms really are ‘workshop’ areas, a special place for connectivity that facilitates collaborative working;
numerous breakout spaces throughout, cosy and glamorous, encourage informal interaction.

In association with GMW Partnership, London
Photo: Beppe Raso