Regione Lombardia

31st Floor

Grattacielo Pirelli. New Spaces for the Lombardy Regional Government

AMA has designed on the 31st floor of the Pirelli skyscraper a 1.000 sq.m. monumental piazza for the Lombardy Regional Government. The space, framed by 6 metre high glass walls on the Eastern and Western facades and crowned by the scenographic exposed concrete structure by Pier Luigi Nervi and Giò Ponti, will be used for institutional events and as an exhibition space open to the public. A winding glass and steel skywalk leads from the elevators to a suspended crystal bubble: the reception room for official meetings and gala dinners. The support spaces for institutional staff and catering are enclosed in clean volumes intersecting at various levels, while under the crystal bubble a deck is fitted out with a visitors’ café. On the higher level the outdoor terrace and part of the external walkway will be transformed into a panoramic promenade overlooking the city.