The Museum of the Cross

The Museum of the Cross

Christianity Museum, Sighnaghi, Georgia


“Language, Motherland and Faith” Ilia Chavchavadze

This museum project, commissioned by the foundation of the Bank “Republic”, is aimed to create a comprehensive showcase of Georgian religion, culture, music and architecture.

It was therefore a natural choice to propose architectural shapes and materials inspired by traditional Georgian church architecture. For a building we designed to require minimal maintenance, age with style and last for centuries, we selected only two materials: glass and handcarved stone.

From the grand entrance hall, a winding walkway spirals up through the exhibition spaces and multimedia theatres dedicated to the permanent collections and ends up at the auditorium, a self-standing volume whose huge glass bay overlooks the valley below.

A monumental loggia and a panoramic promenade on the roof terrace offer 360 degree viewpoints on the adjoining sacred church and monastery of St. Nino, and historic village of Sighnaghi.