Iliad – Milan

Iliad – Milan


Four floors for the #Iliad headquarters in #Milan, the new mobile operator in #Italy that wants to revolutionize the market with a competitive and transparent offer, without hidden costs.

A #young and #dynamic company, which has asked us to design #unconventional spaces and #innovative offices, which reflect its Italian start-up #philosophy.

Starting from the invention of the #Baroque to the years of “dolce vita” and the explosion of Milanese design.

Wooden and vinyl floors, carpets, synthetic lawns, tapestries, mirrors and murals of street artists were produced, on our #design, specifically for iliad, aggregating them in a variety of compositions, at times abstract and dynamic, at times #bucolic, at times #playful, at times inspired by #classical culture.

A sinuous thread of red light like a  “#filrouge” accompanies the paths and underlines the neuralgic nodes of each floor.