Green in Architecture

Poetic, wild, elegant, dramatic, biodiverse, green spaces talk about who we are.

In our projects we feel paramount to harmonize architecture and natural environment, thus integrating the building with the greenery that surrounds it, penetrates it, inhabits it.

Whenever possible, we associate building design to green outside, with the design of gardens, green walls and green roofs.

The purpose of vertical and hanging gardens crowning buildings is not purely aesthetic: in addition to absorbing pollution and producing oxygen, plants act as thermal shields, reflecting heat in summer and retaining it in winter.

In densely urbanized areas, where the intervention on outside green might not be viable, we strive to introduce nature into the buildings, enriching residential and working environments, developing projects respectful of plants and sustainable in their technological solutions.

“Nature’s a temple where each living column,
At times, gives forth vague words. There Man advances
Through forest-groves of symbols, strange and solemn,
Who follow him with their familiar glances.”

Charles Baudelaire, Correspondances, 1857