In accordance with section 13 of legislative decree no. 196 of 30th June 2003 (“Privacy Code”), the following information describes the way in which Architetti Alberamonti e Associati processes the personal data of users gathered through its website (the “site”) and through other sources.

Data Controller

The controller of personal data is Architechts Alberamonti & Associati, Architetti Alberamonti e Associati, bastioni di Porta Venezia N.1, Milano (Italy).

Categories and nature of processed data

Architechts Alberamonti & Associati will process personal data of users gathered through the navaigation and use of its website, as well as data gathered at the moment of registration through use of automated electronic system. (see “Cookies Policy”)

General Use of Personal Data

Personal data can be processed for the following purposes:

a) general use of the personal data necessary for the correct use of the website and strictly connected to it, registration and access to private areas;
b) responding to specific requests;
c) fulfilling legal obligations;
d) for monitoring and analysing statistics and measurements of customer satisfaction levels, as well as for sending promotional communications and newsletter (via post and phone, email and SMS, or via other automated tools) to contacts released at the moment of completing the online registration form;
e) processing of information related to the use of the site (such as frequency of use, purpose of use, habits, interests, etc.) through the use of cookies; (see “Architetti Alberamonti e Associati’s Cookies policy”)

Obligatory or optional nature of data gathering and consent refusal consequences

The provision of data for purposes referred to in points d) and e) is optional, and refusal will not have any adverse consequences.

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