World Health Organization

Geneva, Headquarters building extension

Competition for the extension of the WHO headquarters in Geneva

New Building in respect of the high historical value of the existing compound, mainly using materials such as Concrete, Wood, Glass.

LIGHTNESS: continuity of an open and transparent pedestal in harmonious dialogue with the older building.

FLUIDITY: a functional system through of links, routes, that encourages exchanges.

FLEXIBILITY: depending on evolving needs, the open and enclosed workspaces can be easily reconfigured and are enriched by unobstructed views on various garden settings and panoramas.

NATURE: Surrounding grounds are landscaped with an Arboretum memorial, a medicinal plants garden, small bamboo woods and existing old age oaks.

ENERGY: implementation of a system that uses lake water for cooling and heating, while the electrical energy needs are provided in full by translucent photovoltaic panels

In collaboration with:
Cerau Architects, Bruxelles
Ruggero Tropeano Architekten, Zürich

En collaboration avec:
Cerau Architects, Bruxelles
Ruggero Tropeano Architekten, Zürich