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Da passo carraio a reception

Edificio terziario multitenant, Milano

Un edificio diventa multitenant e si dota di una nuova area per il ricevimento del pubblico.
Foto: Beppe Raso

An office building become multi tenant and acquires a new canopy and street-facing reception hall to welcome visitors in style.
A new canopy shelters the entrance from the weather. Its design takes inspiration from the “flying wing” aircrafts of the 1940-50’s. The light steel framework supports a metal skin of prevarnished and riveted steel plates: the canopy is intended to be noticed from afar and to have a distinctive impact, while smoothly fitting in with the existing facade.
Photo: Beppe Raso

Un immeuble de bureaux doit accueillir plusieurs locataires et s’enrichi d’une marquise et d’un luxueux hall d’éntréee.
Photo: Beppe Raso