Hospitality & Leisure

Genius Loci. Leisure time and travel are ways of experiencing places and situations that are different from everyday life, sometimes relaxing, sometimes stimulating, always a source of pleasure.

When we design hospitality facilities, restaurants or travel offices, our approach is to use architecture as a fundamental element to communicate and to satisfy customers’ demands.

In all our designs we aim

  • to create environments that stimulate experiences;
  • to convey the “genius loci”, the heart and soul of a place (in case of an hotel or a tourist resort) and a company’s philosophy (in case of a travel agency or a tour operator);
  • to design buildings and interior environments that link to the great tradition of Milanese and Italian design, where architecture, interiors, furniture and accessories are part of a unique lifestyle.

Finally, even our most complex and sophisticated project takes into careful consideration the balance of cost-benefit, fully aware that even a limited budget can be turned into an opportunity.